Now that autumn’s here, you may be more than ready to dive straight into hat season. It doesn’t help there are so many options to choose from! From beanies to trapper’s hats to cutified newsboy caps, there’s no shortage of ways to accessorize as the cold weather settles in. There’s just one problem with hats you can’t avoid…right? We’re talking about hat hair, one of the most common plagues of any hat-loving individual. RemySoft is here to remedy this problem with our list of hat-friendly hairstyles! When combined with a bit of quality hair care, you’ll never again have to worry about a flat look once your hat is off.

Your Natural Hair

This first suggestion may seem a bit obvious. You likely already wear hats with your natural hair so how is this a huge piece of advice? Sometimes the best solution is to simply go with the flow and not try too hard by doing too much. Anyone, from those with the curliest of locks to pin straight hair, can easily rock a hat by just leaving their hair loose and letting nature take its course where it may. If you’re big on styling, this is a great way to take a break from fiddling with your heat tools and spending some time with your hair as-is. You may be surprised by just how good this style looks!

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Fishtail Braid

If you still want to add a bit of styling, there’s nothing wrong with it! With the right hair products for remy hair and this next style, your hair will still look great. After all, there’s nothing more classic than a cute braid! Simply take your hair and gather it either to one side of your head or in the back. After that, you can start the braiding process. Be sure to make the braid tight, but not so tight you wind up uncomfortable. Once you’re done braiding, secure it with a hair tie, slip your hat on and go about your business!

Up with Side Fringe

This last style is great for those who simply don’t want to fuss too much with their hair. This style gets the majority of your hair out of the way, leaving only an alluring curtain crafted from your bangs. Take your hair and pull it back into a simple ponytail, as high up as you need for it to sit well inside your hat. Bundle it into a loose bun. As you do this, be sure to leave your fringe or a side section of your hair out and loose. This will drape down the side of your face, out from the hat. We guarantee this look is gorgeous and elegant and is great if you want to look especially chic!

We hope these hairstyles will leave you unafraid of rocking your best hats this autumn! For best results, add a bit of protective hair serum to lock in a bit of extra moisture where your hat meets your hair. This will prevent the hat from sucking up too much hydration if it’s lined with cotton or a similar fabric. Contact us with any further questions about quality hair care, no matter the time of year!