We’ve all seen information being published left and right regarding what to do and what not to do with our precious heads of hair. From the time you first started caring for your hair yourself, you’ve likely been exposed to all sorts of advice from the media, friends, family and even salon staff. What’s worth believing, and what isn’t? Is it possible you could be believing and following hair advice that holds no real water? Keep reading to learn which common statements about quality hair care are, in fact, myths and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

1. Hair Growth Is Affected By Cutting Your Hair at Certain Times of Day

This first myth originates from Brazil, and states that getting a trim or a cut when the moon is full will influence your hair to grow thicker and longer than cutting your hair at any other time of day. In actuality, the entire premise of having your hair cut bolstering the growth of your hair is false! The best purpose for getting your hair cut is to help or stave off breakage issues. What truly helps your hair grow fast and rejuvenated is maintaining a quality hair care routine and lots of patience!

2. Brush Your Hair at Least 100 Times Per Day

Everyone’s heard this old wives’ tale, and maybe even seen it playing out on film and television. Supposedly, this practice is supposed to help keep your hair sleek and healthy. However, it really does everything but! Brushing your hair—especially too often—can yank your hair strand by strand, actually rendering it frail. As such, your brush is best wielded in the midst of the styling process, not as part of your bedtime routine.

3. Afro-Textured Hair Is the Strongest of All Hair Types

RemySoft hair products for remy hairUnfortunately, there’s no evidence to back this statement up. The contrary turns out to be true! Afro-textured hair—whether kept natural or straightened—is prone to dryness, breakage and a myriad of other issues that straighter hair types are less likely to experience. Protective styles can influence its health, but relying on them too much can also prove harmful, especially where braids are concerned. Many black women have suffered thinning edges and balding due to excessively tight and frequent braiding. No matter what hair type you have, hair products for Remy hair can keep your follicles healthy and strong!

4. You Have to Shampoo More Than Once

RemySoft best sulfate free shampooClose, but no cigar! You really only need to go through the shampooing process one time to get your hair clean and fresh. Anything more and you risk damage, such as dryness and dulling. That’s the opposite of why you invest in high quality hair care! If you’re concerned about whether your current shampoo can really get the job done in one go, however, you can always invest in the best sulfate free shampoo on the market to assuage your concerns.

We hope we’ve thoroughly debunked these hair myths for you so you know more about what’s what. For more information on quality hair care and what not to buy into, get in touch with us anytime!