Now that autumn’s arrived, you may find yourself in a bit of a familiar conundrum, at least where your hair is concerned! While the humidity is certainly on its way out, the weather can still do a number on your scalp, no matter how great your hair care routine is. This is, in our opinion, the most tragic part of fall! The good news is this unfortunate phenomenon is entirely treatable, if not preventable. Here are some tips from us to you on how to prep your hair for autumn and keep it looking good!

Give Your Scalp a Massage

Don’t think you have to take a big, expensive trip to the spa or hair salon to make this tip happen! It can actually be carried out right in the comfort of your home. All it takes is a scalp massager, your moisturizing product of choice and a boar brush.

First, add the oil to your hair. You can then use your brush to smooth out your hair and evenly distribute your moisturizer. After that, all that’s left is to turn on your scalp massager and apply it to your scalp for anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes.

This technique works wonders for shedding problems and actually promotes hair growth by stimulating the precise spots your hairs sprout from! It also removes dead strands in need of uprooting that have yet to fall from your scalp. You should ideally perform this routine every other day. If you don’t have a scalp massager, you can use your fingers or shop around our inventory of hair products for remy hair.

Don’t Neglect Your Shampooing

Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

A sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is a necessity.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of the summer season pouring products of all types into your hair to keep it smooth and shiny. The bad news is these products accumulate over time, even with regular washing, and can clog your hair into creating something fierce. To help, you’ll want to be sure to invest in a high-quality clarifying sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair with these products every other week, and your hair will rejuvenate.

Brighten Your Hair Color

Sometimes all your hair needs is a change—of color, that is! If you dye your hair, you may be a bit dismayed over your light summer hair. By now, it can potentially leave you looking washed out. The easiest solution is to head to your nearest salon or hair supply store and prepare to revamp your locks a bit. Try out colors in warmer hues than what you’ve been sticking to, and you may find your hair looks 10 times better! As a quick word of caution, however, this final tip and the one above it won’t get along. Clarifying shampoo has powerful color fading properties, which are best avoided if you want to maintain your dyed hair.

We hope these tips will put you on the path toward committing to quality hair care this autumn! For other tips on how to care for your hair this season or throughout the year or to simply learn more about hair products for remy hair, contact us!