Despite its longstanding stigma, gray hair isn’t just for the elderly anymore. Younger people are embracing the color now as an aesthetic choice for themselves—and it’s generating some adorable, positive results for both sides of the age spectrum! Older adults who are going gray or are already gray entirely have expressed a boost of confidence knowing younger people are voluntarily giving themselves the same hair color. Meanwhile, teenagers and young adults choosing this look fully enjoy the color and how it enhances their own image and personal self-esteem.

Are you considering a new hair color? Whether using alternative hair color is your thing or not, you might want to consider trying gray hair this fall just so you can understand what all the hype is about.

For Guys

Guys may hesitate in general when it comes to styling their hair, much less dyeing it. However, celebrities such as Adam Lambert have rocked silver locks, garnering much attention both from news and social media. Additionally, people of all orientations appreciate the “silver fox” look, as evidenced by a handful of celebrities out there who have grayed early or went the dyeing route on their own.

Best of all, it’s easy to obtain this style! All it takes is an appointment at your nearest hair salon for a professional, well done treatment. There you’ll be treated to quality hair care, ensuring your new gray ‘do will last far longer. It’s a recipe for a new you that’s ten times as charming and suave!

For Women

RemySoft quality hair careFashionable women have likely already noticed the sudden popularity of “smokier” hair colors, such as gray and lilac. People are even combining these colors through the use of ombre and balayage, creating a unique and colorful display that styles incredibly well and coordinates with just about any outfit.

You can pair gray hair with just about any other hair color if you don’t want to go gray entirely. The most popular choices seem to be black, blue, brown and white, though you can choose just about any color you wish! Even straight up gray hair is bound to look amazing with the proper quality hair care. The most important part of picking a new hair color or style is being happy with your choice and knowing you look good with it, after all. Again, picking an excellent salon to take care of your dye job will work wonders and hook you up with just the right look.

Regardless of your gender, you don’t want to forget about maintenance! Like any light hair color, gray hair takes a lot of management to stay just the right shade. A good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should help the color last longer. In addition, sun protection for hair will help to avoid too much unsightly fading from spreading too quickly. At RemySoft, we can help you take care of your gray hair with our fabulous products! To learn more about this hair trend and many others, as well as the care included, don’t hesitate to contact us!