You can achieve these looks with RemySoft sulfate free shampoo!What could be a more iconic element of summer than getting your hair freshly dyed just in time to hang out with friends and hit the pool or the beach? Before you can get your hair done, however, you have to know just what hair color you’re going for! Luckily, a bundle of hot hair coloring trends have erupted so far for this summer. To help you decide, we’ve put together this list of some of the most popular hair colors to arrive this year.


RemySoft quality hair careBelieve it or not, ombre hasn’t quite faded out of style! Rather, it’s been refurbished into a much subtler look than it was in the past, composed of delicately brushed on highlights at the ends of the hair that fade to darker strands toward the root. In this way, it’s quite similar to the balayage trend that arose last year. If the dip-dyed gradient look still appeals to you, we recommend you give this look a try!

Platinum BlondeUse our RemySoft leave in conditioner to maintain your gorgeous new hair color!


We can’t imagine platinum blonde locks ever being unfashionable! Rather, it’s the exact shade of it that ebbs and flows in and out of the public eye. This summer, you can expect to find much cooler shades of platinum blonde, bordering more on frosty shades. If a whiter blonde isn’t quite the right shade for you, you can always blend your platinum blonde with other shades for a bit of balance and depth. It’s worth noting any shade of blonde hair will require lots of maintenance and quality hair care. However, it’s worth it to have that perfect bleach blonde look, especially if you’re an admirer of it!

“Nude”or Neutral Hair

This hair color is perhaps the most subtle one yet because it plays upon every shade of blonde that’s been popular within recent years and balances them out, while remaining highly pleasing to the eye. Nude hair is basically many shades of blonde layered together to create an even and alluring shade that works with every skin tone. You’ll love the way the summer sun bounces off this smooth hair color and makes your hair look spectacular! Just be sure to invest in some sulfate free shampoo to help maintain this particular color.


Help your hair thrive with RemySoft's tips for quality hair care.Just as blonde will never be outdated, neither will black hair. Again, it’s all about the shade! Jet blacks are what’s popular this summer, despite its lack of association with the summer months. This color is great for brunettes and is quite easy for just about anyone to pull off, no highlighting necessary!

We hope we’ve given you a bit of inspiration for your new summer look! No matter what style you choose to go for, we urge you not to forget about maintenance. To protect your newly colored hair, you want to buy a few products that will preserve its color, such as a nice leave in conditioner. If you need any other suggestions or advice for your hair care or styling, feel free to contact us!