Whether it’s from college or high school, graduating is an exciting time for both you and your family. Congratulations! We know how hard you’ve worked for this day. In the midst of all the preparations you’re undergoing for graduation, you may not want to invest too much time into the perfect hairstyle for your big day. We have some cute, simple styles to consider wearing to your ceremony, all so you can focus less on how you look and tend to other important, graduation-related matters!

Colored Hair

While you don’t necessarily want to launch a full-blown dye job just before graduation day, temporary dye can be just the thing to give your hair a little pop underneath your graduation cap. Be sure you use a shade that doesn’t clash with whatever color your robe will be. You want to stand out, but in a good way! Furthermore, you won’t need much styling beyond this because the new coloring takes care of the rest. Wear your hair loose with dip-dyed ends and make a great final impression as you walk across the stage!

Tossed to One Side

This look is great for people with short hair who don’t have a lot of options as far as styling or don’t want to invest in shiny hair extensions. We’ve got you! All this style takes is parting your hair a little differently from the norm and sweeping it all so it curtains one side of your face. You might want to add a touch of product to enhance your hair’s beautiful sheen and make sure it doesn’t tousle out of place.

Pinned Back

This style is great for afro-textured hair, as well as straight, and is adorably elegant. Simply comb or brush your hair out however you typically would, usinghair products for remy hair to help your curls sit at their fullest, ease back each side of your hair and then stick pins into it to hold it in place. Everyone will be able to make out your smile as you accept your diploma!

A Voluminous Twist-Out

This style is for afro-textured, natural hair only! Start off by twisting your hair for the night as you typically would, doing so with your entire scalp. The next morning you can take them down and sport a gorgeous twist-out for the day. If your graduation cap won’t quite fit over your hair, you can just pin it carefully down.

We hope these style suggestions will be of use as you plan for your big day. At RemySoft, we want to help you invest in quality hair care no matter the occasion! For more suggestions, as well as access to our selection of hair products for remy hair, contact us!