Is quality hair care part of your New Year's resolution?

Quality hair care is a great New Year’s resolution.

Ready for some resolutions that are actually easy to keep? We all want strong, shiny hair, and here’s your cheat sheet. Even if you go back to that triple latte or skip the gym, these are the ones that will stick.

1. Just as we purge our closets, refrigerators and inboxes from time to time, the New Year is the ideal time to do the same with all of your hair care products, including hair products for remy hair. Starting fresh with new,  quality hair care makes you feel energized and revitalized. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s a must to throw out products that may have gone bad or no longer work well! If you have to ponder when you bought it, toss it! Replenishing an edited collection of quality hair products ensures your hair care routine is smoother and more streamlined.

2. No matter what style you aspire to, you aren’t going to achieve it without quality hair care. This takes a little maintenance, and while that may sound tedious, it can actually be quite indulgent! Queue up some Netflix and settle in to give your tresses some much needed love. You know the importance of starting with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner so follow up with that same level of care. Grab a masque or deep conditioner that’s going to stand up to any style you choose.

3. In the spirit of deep moisturizing, nipping split ends in the bud is equally critical. Frayed, dry ends don’t look good on anyone, but with a little bit of diligence, your hair is going to be shiny and healthy. How much you take off is up to you, but make sure to say goodbye to any frizzed ends that will hold you back from your bounciest, most gorgeous self. Hair products for remy hair will keep your freshly trimmed wigs, weaves or extensions at their best.

Start your new year with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair should be a great way to start your new year.

4. Chances are at some time you’ve given in to a terrible habit we all admit to…playing with your hair! It seems harmless, and we do it mindlessly from time to time. However, a little twirling can lead to a lot of damage.  Every time you twist or fiddle, you damage the elasticity and overall health of your hair. No matter your personal style, that’s a no-no! Throw your locks up into a chic little bun or pull it back into a casual braid to curb that temptation.

5. Always wanted to lop off your hair into a modern little bob? Try some ombre coloring? This is the time! Start with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and get creative. Now that you have healthy hair that’s ready for your personal touch, no more excuses! Nothing is forever and doing something you’ve never quite had the nerve to do can be the difference between a New Year and your best year yet.

To keep these simple resolutions, contact us today.  We’ll keep your hair healthy and beautiful all year long.