As the celebrities paraded down the red carpet at this year’s Emmy’s, all eyes were on more than just what they were wearing. Individuals around the world were paying close attention to how they wore their hair as well. Whether celebrities used shiny hair extensions or they relied solely on quality hair care, such as hair products for remy hair, this awards show gave them the perfect platform to show off their favorite looks.

Lady Gaga

Typically known for her wild sense of style, Lady Gaga selected a more average look when she hit the red carpet and ended up looking stunning in the process. In place of her crazy hair colors and styles, she wore a short, platinum blond hairstyle that looked amazing, especially when paired with her long, thick eye lashes.

Taylor Schilling

Retro is back and in a big way. Taylor Schilling was seen at the Emmy’s sporting a look that appears to come straight out of the 50s and 60s. Her short bob was styled into classy retro waves. There’s no doubt she takes great care of that hair with the best quality hair care products on the market.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Always stylish, Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared at the show wearing her hair in her best “girl next door” look. She parted her gorgeous hair down the center and created hippie-style twists along each side of her head, keeping her hair out of her face, while maintaining an amazing style. The rest of her hair cascaded down her shoulders and back in soft waves. This look can easily be achieved with the use of shiny hair extensions.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks allowed her beautiful red hair to flow freely when selecting her hairstyle for this special night. Her hair was beautifully styled in cascading curls that surrounded her face and fell just below her shoulders. This style requires the right hair products for remy hair to ensure beautiful, luscious locks.

Heidi Klum

The chignon may have been the perfect hairstyle in the Victorian era, but it continues to be a classy way to dress up your hair. At the 2015 Emmy’s, Heidi Klum arrived sporting this hairstyle in her beautiful blond hair. As a unique twist, the chignon is wrapped in her hair to create a variation not typically seen, especially in older eras.

The celebrities pay just as much attention to their hair as they do to the clothes they choose to wear for the major awards shows. This year’s Emmy red carpet was filled with up-and-coming celebrities, as well as those who are well established, each showcasing their best in hairstyles. Whether they used shiny hair extensions to achieve the look or simply used quality hair care techniques, every head of hair on the red carpet looked amazing!

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