Take special care of shiny hair extensions when wet.

Shiny hair extensions need special care when wet.

Adding shiny hair extensions is the ideal way to quickly change the look of your hair, but do you know how to care for hair extensions? Many people are under the impression you can’t get them wet for fear of ruining them. However, with quality hair care, you know what to do if your hair extensions accidentally get wet and how to care for them in between.

Pat Excess Moisture Out

One of the issues with accidentally getting your shiny hair extensions wet, such as during a downpour or by swimming in a pool without a swim cap, is how much water your hair extensions may absorb. To ensure your hair extensions dry fully, you first need to use a towel to pat out the extra moisture. Don’t rub your hair with the towel because it will create tangles, which can quickly loosen the extensions.

Remove the Tangles

After removing the excess moisture from your hair, the next step in your quality hair care routine is removing the tangles. However, you can’t just pull a brush or comb through the tangles and expect your extensions to hold up. Instead, you need to carefully use your fingers to eliminate the tangles and ensure your hair extensions remain firmly attached to your natural hair.

Is Air Drying Best?

When wet, you need to know how to care for hair extensions.

Learn how to care for hair extensions when wet.

Air drying is almost always the best solution when it comes to caring for your hair extensions. Excessive heat can cause damage to your hair extensions, especially if they are attached with glue. However, not everyone can take this approach, especially if they need to fix their hair and go out to dinner or on a date. In these situations, blow drying can be an effective method of drying your shiny hair extensions.

How to Properly Blow Dry

Before you apply heat to your hair extensions, it’s necessary to use a hair product designed specifically for hair extensions. This will help protect them from drying out. Using a diffuser will help keep heat to a minimum to protect your extensions. In addition, you should make sure the hair dryer is set to a low-heat, low-speed setting. This will keep your extensions looking great and ensure they don’t become too wet.

There are many situations where your shiny hair extensions may get wet and you need to dry them. While it’s natural to reach for the blow dryer and use it on high heat until your hair is dry, this shouldn’t be your first resort. Instead, it’s best to carefully remove any excess moisture and then gently untangle the hair so your extensions don’t pull loose. You can then either air dry your hair or use your blow dryer on a low setting to ensure your extensions are as dry as possible.

If you’re looking for the best methods of caring for your hair extensions, contact us. We carry a vast selection of products designed with hair extensions in mind.