Keep your hair looking great with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner keeps your hair looking great.

Summer is synonymous with fun and that includes having fun with your look. This year’s hair shows are full of playful, whimsical looks anyone can emulate with help from hair extensions, styling tools and hair products. This summer’s hottest hairstyles invite you to unleash your creativity. Just don’t forget to spritz on sun protection for hair as your final prep step this season and to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to protect your locks and retain your color.

Make a Bold Color Statement

Speaking of color, expect to see surprising hues on fashionable heads this season. If you haven’t yet discovered hair chalk, now is the time to start experimenting. Use it to add streaks of blue, orange, pink, green or yellow to your locks. You can enjoy a fun, fresh style with the peace of mind in knowing you can rinse it out when your mood changes.

Show Equal Parts

Center parts are showing up on long and short styles. This is a quick way to create a sleek, classy look without too much fuss.

Swept Away

Don't leave the house without sun protection for hair.

Sun protection for hair is essential this summer.

Another big trend this season focuses on the part. This time, though, it involves a more dramatic side part. Dress it up with plenty of product or keep it cool and loose for a casual look.

Go Natural

Casual, low-maintenance beachy hair is a time-honored summer staple that continues to be big for 2015. Simply embrace your natural waves and curls rather than trying to tame them. Voila, consider yourself very much in style!

Go Straight

Long, straight, shiny hair never goes out of style. For summer, pair it with flirty and fun clips, head bands and sparkly hair accessories that shimmer in the sunlight.

Go Half and Half

Can’t decide whether to rock an updo or keep your locks loose? Enjoy the best of both worlds with trendy half up and half down hair. Grab a cute hair accessory and a handful of bobby pins and experiment. Easily incorporate other trends like wet-look and pastel-streaked hair into the half and half look.

Embrace Wet Head

Get special care for your hair extensions.

Hair extensions need special care in the sun.

When most people think of summer, they usually think of water in the form of oceans and swimming pools. The wet, just stepped out of the shower look is trendy for summer and super easy to pull off with just a comb and the right products!

Pony Up

The ever-versatile ponytail never goes out of style and that holds true for summer 2015. Wear it high and tight or wear it low and loose. Whatever your preference, head out with the confidence you’re on trend, especially if you add accents and accessories to complete your look.

Crimp It

That’s right — this 1990s throwback is back in style. Rifle through the back of your bathroom closet and dust off that crimping iron.

If you want to look amazing and on trend this summer, hair extensions definitely belong in your arsenal of props. Versatility is the name of the game this season, and extensions offer that in spades.

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