Replicate award show looks with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can help create award show looks.

Many of us pay close attention to what the celebrities are wearing on the runway during awards season, but have you ever seen someone’s hair style and wondered how you could achieve the same look? With the help of hair extensions and hair products for remy hair, you can get the same award show styles right at home.

Side Swept

Sweeping the hair to one side has long been a popular style on the Hollywood circuit. This look works great on all lengths and types of hair, whether you have short wavy hair, long straight hair or something in between. If your hair doesn’t seem full enough to pull off this look, hair extensions can help fill your hair out.


Messy is in for both men and women. While you don’t want to crawl straight out of bed and go about your day, a controlled mess with a tousled look can help you achieve an awards show look with ease. Make sure you use hair products for remy hair to prevent frizz if this is the look you’re aiming for.

Braids Are Back

You may associate braids with young girls or even hippies, but the truth is they are making a comeback among celebrities. If you pay attention to the red carpet at the next awards show, you may find several celebrities sporting braids as part of their hair style. While you aren’t likely to see a solitary thick braid hanging down the back, you will find smaller braids woven into the most popular hair stylesHair extensions can be an easy way to achieve this look.

The 20s Are Back Too

Many celebrities are digging way back to find new options for their hairstyles. In fact, the dapper short styles from the 20s have found their way back onto the red carpet, reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. These short hairstyles can be achieved with just about any hair type, but some individuals may need to add a few extensions to fully create the look.

Slicked Up-Dos

The up-do is always a popular choice when attending a fancy event, such as an awards show. While many hair styles come and go, there are always a number of up-do options trending among celebrities. Due to the increasing popularity of wet-looking hair, many of today’s up-dos are accompanied by hair slicked back sharply from the face.

If you envy the celebrity hair styles you see on the red carpet more than the beautiful gowns, you too can achieve a similar look with the help of hair extensions and quality hair care using hair products for remy hair. Just about any style you see on your favorite celebrity can be replicated, especially if you’re willing to use hair extensions.

If you have hair extensions and are looking for the right hair care products, contact us. RemySoft hair products for remy hair help keep your extensions looking great and lasting longer.