Achieve the latest styles with quality hair care.

Quality hair care helps you achieve the latest styles.

Quality hair care is important for all men, but especially so if you utilize a hair system and wear a wig or extensions. However, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the same old style day after day. If you’re bored with your look, why not try out some new styles for spring? Here are six hairstyles for men that will look great this spring.

Make It Messy

No, this is not the “roll out of bed and go” look. Instead, this is more of an organized and purposeful messy look. It takes some effort to get just the right messy head of hair. For this style, you will need to use some hair products for remy hair, such as pomade and hair spray. Work the pomade through your hair going from front to back and side to side. Then, once your desired messy look is achieved, use hair spray to make your hair shine.

The Classic Part

A part is an easy way to achieve a more dapper look. To get this look, use your hands to rub medium-hold pomade into your hair. Try out different parts to see what looks best with your face. Sometimes changing the direction of your part can give you a completely different look. Once you’ve found your best side, comb your hair into place and finish the look with gel or hairspray to hold it.

Long on Top

For this look, you will need to cut the sides and back short, while keeping the top long and full. No comb is needed; just use some lightweight gel and hairspray to finish it.

The Beach Look

If you’re dreaming of spring break on the beach, get ready with long and loose surfer-style hair. To properly do the surfer/beach look, you need to use beach-hair products because they are better able to make your hair look as though you’ve been in ocean water. For those with straight hair, before you go to bed, use sulfate free shampoo to wash your hair and then tie your hair up in a bun. You’ll have nice, soft waves the next morning.

Slick It Back

You will need long enough remy hair in order to successfully pull this look off. Use your hands to slick your hair back while also applying a gel with shine. Then, comb your hair into place for a more precise look.

Bring It Forward

For those occasions when a more disheveled style is appropriate, this look is quick and easy to do. You’ll need to use some curl-enhancing or beach hair products while pushing your hair forward. Instead of a brush, use your fingers to comb your hair until you get the right look.

If you’re looking for hair products for remy hair, contact us. Our sulfate free shampoo and other products will help you style your hair for spring.