Do you know how to care for hair extensions when working out?

Hair extensions require special care before, during and after workouts.

Do you worry exercising and leading an active lifestyle will ruin your beautiful hair extensions? It doesn’t have to be that way. With quality hair care and utilizing a few easy styles, your hair extensions will still look great, even after an intense workout.

Here are a few tips and styles for hair extensions during and after your workouts.


A high ponytail is a simple way to keep the hair out of your face and off your neck while you exercise. You can wear a headband with your ponytail or use hair pins and clips to keep your hair in place. Remember not to pull too hard or make your ponytail too tight. You should keep your ponytail loose enough so your hair can breathe. A ponytail that is too tight can create extra stress on your extensions and lead to slippage. In addition, tight ponytails can trap in excess moisture and sweat.

High Bun

A high bun will work similarly to a ponytail in keeping your hair out of the way. If you have long extensions, your bun will be even more stylish since it will be large and full. To create a bun, gather your extensions into a ponytail, then twist the ponytail around to form a bun on top of your head. Use pins to keep the bun secure. An added bonus to wearing a bun is when you take it down after your workout, you will have nice waves.

French Braid

If you do not know how to French braid, you should take the time to learn. It is quite simple after you have learned the technique. Your French braid doesn’t need to be neat or perfectly done for the gym. If your extensions are layered and some hair is shorter than the rest, you can use hair pins to keep your hair out of your face.

Remove Clip-In Extensions

While many women wear extensions that are sewn in or bonded with glue, others go for the simpler application of clip-ins. If you wear clip-in extensions, it is easy to take them out before you exercise. After your workout, you can go back to your long, full hair by easily clipping them back in.

Wear a Swim Cap

If swimming is part of your regular workout routine, make sure to wear a swim cap to help you avoid frizz. A swim cap may be ugly or unsightly but so are the tangled, frizzy extensions you will have if you don’t properly protect them from the chlorinated water. You should also wear a swim cap if you use a sauna or steam room.

Proper Post-Workout Hair Care

Finally, don’t neglect your hair extensions after you exercise. You may be tired, but take the time to use the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions as soon as possible. If you have gone swimming, use a deep conditioner once a week to help rid your extensions of chlorine damage.

If you would like to learn more about quality hair care for hair extensions, contact us. We have the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions to keep you looking great after your workouts.