Hair weaves require quality hair care.

Quality hair care is necessary when you use weaves.

Many women choose to wear hair extensions and weaves. Some women wear them to emulate the styles of their favorite celebrities, while others do so to protect their natural tresses from too much styling and manipulation.

If you wear a weave, quality hair care is still important for your natural hair. Failing to properly care for your natural hair could lead to damage, such as matting and hair loss. Here are some tips for weave wearers on how to care for your natural hair.

Keep Your Scalp Moisturized

Due to a naturally dry scalp, African-American women should oil their scalp at least once or twice a week while wearing hair extensions. Light oils, such as Argan oil, are recommended because heavy oils will weigh down your extensions and leave your hair greasy. Since your natural hair is typically braided underneath the weave, the best way to make sure your scalp is getting moisturized is to use a bottle with a long nozzle. The nozzle will help you reach the areas in between your braided hair and the weave wefts.

Avoid Long Extensions

Long hair extensions are fine if you want to change your look for a brief period of time, but you should avoid wearing them for extended periods in order to protect your natural hair. Longer hair extensions put more weight on your natural hair because they constantly pull down on the roots of your hair. This downward pull can ruin your hairline. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is an example of hairline damage from the waist-length extensions as demonstrated by many photos online.

Don’t Wear Extensions for More than Six Weeks

You should use hair products for remy hair to wash and condition your weave regularly to keep it and your natural hair clean. However, with washing, matting can occur as your hair grows underneath the weave. If you leave your extensions in for too long, the matting will cause your natural hair to become tangled and damaged. You could potentially experience hair loss due to the tangling. To avoid this problem, it’s best to remove your extensions every four to six weeks, wash your hair and let it rest.

Avoid Pulling Your Roots While Combing

To keep your extensions from getting tangled, it is necessary to comb them frequently. You should be careful not to put too much stress on the roots of your hair. Using a detangling or wide tooth comb and combing your hair from the tip to the roots can help you avoid pulling on your natural hair.

Use Minimal Leave-Out Hair

Some women leave out a small section of their natural hair to cover up where the weave is applied. The natural hair you leave out will need styling, such as flat ironing, to blend with your weave. The constant manipulation can lead to damage so you should leave out as little hair as possible in order to avoid breakage.

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