Cover your aging hair with great wig products.

There are many wig products that can express your personality.

One of the appeals of wearing a wig is the freedom to change your look at any given time. A new wig can mean a different hairstyle or color and even a boost to your attitude. Whether you use wig products because of medically related hair loss or simply because you like their versatility, these tips to choosing a wig color that’s age appropriate will have you covered, no matter the stage of life you are in.

Your 40s

When you’re in your 40s, a good starting point for choosing an age appropriate wig color is your natural hair color. This shade should inherently flatter your complexion and therefore look the most organic. Seek out a wig or hair enhancement that blends in highlights and lowlights for a hint of glamour. This allows movement in the hair and keeps the color from looking flat or dull.

Your 50s

Some say 50 is the new 30 so feel confident in choosing a wig that’s fashionable and youthful. If you’re not ready to go full gray, opt for a wig that’s several shades lighter than your natural hair color. Try not to make any drastic changes in color at this stage in the game but do experiment with hair styles, such as one with face framing layers.

60 and Up

A gray wig can be gorgeous if done right so embrace the silver fox inside of you. To keep the color from looking too mature, select a wig that features a fresh style. Some styles that will make your gray look full of body and bounce include layers and wispy bangs. If gray isn’t your color, try out a wig that’s ash blonde. This particular shade of blonde isn’t as bright as others, allowing it to easily compliment more skin tones, especially those of women in their 60s and up.

A good rule of thumb for ensuring your hair color looks age appropriate is to make sure it flatters your complexion. If the shade of your hair compliments the shade of your skin, your wig color should look natural, regardless of how old or young you are. Whether you’re rocking a gray, red or brunette color, make sure you’re using a quality wig shampoo and conditioner to keep your wig products looking their best.

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