Sometimes women need hair replacement too.

Women make up about 40 percent of the need for hair replacement.

If you pay close attention to hair replacement commercials, whether they offer a topical solution, surgery or any other option, you will notice a majority, if not all, of the people featured in the ads are men. This can lead to thinking that only men suffer from hair loss and need hair enhancement. The reality is about 40 percent of individuals facing hair loss issues are women. Understanding female hair loss will help you realize you aren’t alone.

Is It Permanent?

One of the biggest questions women ask is whether their hair loss is permanent. Women in particular rely on their hair as part of their self-image. Without beautiful hair, you may feel like less of a woman. While there are hair replacement options, nothing fully takes the place of your natural hair. Thankfully, for some women, this condition is temporary and certain treatments can reverse the effects. For others, the hair loss may be permanent, resulting in the need for hair enhancement solutions.

The Causes of Female Hair Loss

Some of the reasons for hair loss in women are similar to causes in men, while others are quite different. The common causes include:

  • Telogen Effluvium – This is a temporary condition brought on by pregnancy, extreme stress, surgery and major weight loss.
  • Heredity – Some women are genetically inclined to hair loss.
  • Hypothyroidism – When your thyroid doesn’t work properly, it can lead to hair loss.
  • Lupus – This auto-immune condition can cause hair loss.
  • Iron Deficiency – When there isn’t enough iron in the blood, there may be a reduction in red blood cells, which can cause your hair to get less oxygen and nutrients so it falls out.
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – This reproductive condition can cause fluctuations in the hormones that cause hair loss.
  • Excessive Styling – If you use a lot of hair styling products, including curling irons, straighteners and hair sprays, you can start to lose hair.

There are many reasons women may need hair replacement. Talking to your doctor can be the best option to determine the cause and whether you can reverse the effects.

Can Treatments Help?

Many treatments have been developed in recent years to help with the negative effects of hair loss. For some people, topical ointments or surgery may be the right method of adding volume to your hair. However, if these treatments don’t work or you don’t want to use them, hair enhancement solutions, such as wigs, weaves and hair extensions, can give you the beautiful hair you want.

Your hair says a lot about you. This is why it can be more difficult for women to handle the effects of hair loss. Hair replacement or hair enhancement products can often help you obtain the beautiful hair you want. However, talking to your doctor about the cause of your hair loss, as well as possible treatments, can help you restore the hair you once had.

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